Fast Facts About Kegs!kegs


We sell draft beer at the pub in the form of: 


When can I order my keg?
Kegs must be ordered with at least 24 hours lead time but no earlier than a week in advance.


When can I pick up my keg?
During pub hours. Please advise that during increased business levels it may take longer to get your keg.


What beers can I choose from to fill my keg?
Check out our “On Tap” list  to see what is available.  Be sure to have a second and third choice option as the taps change frequently and not all beers are guaranteed to be available.


What if I want to fill my own keg?
Same rules apply as above.


How much is it going to cost to fill my keg?
Prices range, once you find the beers you are interested in, ask about those specific beers. Deposits are: $30 for the keg, $15 for a tapper, and $10 for an ice bin.


When do I pay for my keg?
You must pre pay for kegs and equipment once you have your order set. This is non refundable.


How do I start the order process?
After you have a few beers in mind, email


Now what?
Enjoy fresh Short’s Brew from the comfort of your own home!