GrowlerGet it to go.


Growlers and howlers are the perfect way to take your favorite Short’s beer with you. 64 oz growlers and 32 oz. howlers are available for your home consumption enjoyment! But, how does it work? Follow these guidelines and you’ll quickly find yourself in a state of Short’s beer nirvana:


Step 1*:

Pick a size—we’ve got 32 oz howlers (glass only) or 64 oz growlers available in glass, plastic, and stainless steel.


*Note: Skip Step 1 if you already own a growler. Fret not if you have a growler from another brewery, we’re still very happy to fill it with Short’s brew. Like mom always said, “It’s what’s on the inside that matters.” Like mom also always said “It better be clean, or else!”


Step 2:

Find a Pubtender! You can purchase your container and fill all at once! Page Growler


Step 3:
Fill ‘er up! Pick your favorite concoction and we’ll do the rest. The pricing depends on the brew:


Step 4:
Drink within 72 hours for optimum enjoyment! Beer from growlers/howlers is not permitted to be consumed on premise at Short’s. So get out there and enjoy it—in nature, from your couch, or wherever. Cheers!