Now Hiring at the Pub: Tour Guide!

Think you know a lot about the story of Short’s? Love learning about the history of brewing in the northern Michigan region? If sharing stories, knowledge about brewing, and hanging out at the awesomest brewpub in Bellaire sounds like a dream job come true, then apply to be our Bellaire Tour Guide!


As the official Short’s Brewery Tour Guide, you are tasked with the education and liberation of Short’s Brewing Company’s history, culture, and general creative awesomeness through the art of giving awesome tours. You will work closely with other departments such as the Pub Management, Marketing, Liberation, and other to educate yourself and give once-in-a-lifetime tours at the Pub in Bellaire. This is an hourly, at-will position under the supervision of the General Manager and Assistant General Manager. This position comes with a sweet, sweet employee discount, among other perks.

Are you the person for the job? Submit your resume and application! Note: Applicants must be 21 years of age.

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