Now Hiring; Kitchen Prep/ Dough Specialist

The Kitchen Prep team is a crew of individuals that can “do it all!” in our pub kitchen and that includes a team member that specializes in our Dough. The prep team is responsible for day-to-day food preparation at our pub in Bellaire. As the pub and our beer represent the public “face” of Short’s Brewing Company, so does our delicious food. The Kitchen Prep is tasked with ensuring that SBC’s creativity and quality are enjoyed through guests’ food experiences. 

As a member of the Kitchen Prep team the focus is on our unique Dough which includes our house-made pretzels better known as the “Loop De Loop” and our Short’s pizza crust. You are responsible for working closely with the Management Team to always ensure quality of the product as well as maintain quantity with our seasonal business levels and referencing LY sale numbers. Setting yourself up for success the day of as well as the next day are priorities. When Dough work is completed for the day, and the work stations are cleaned, stocked and organized it is important to shift your attention to the other Kitchen Prep members and assist them as needed. If your team members have completed their tasks for the day, shift your attention to assisting the dish pit as needed or staying busy with a daily or monthly cleaning task. 

Daily Duties:

  • Unlock the “Hardware” door.

  • Set up dish sinks; place organized chemical crates onto the floor.

  • Replace trash bins, recycling receptacles, etc.

  • Fill sanitizer/bleach solution buckets for towels.

  • Replace and sanitize cutting boards.

  • Referencing the Dough Calendar and working with Management to make appropriate amounts of pretzels and pizza dough suitable for business levels. 

  • Ensuring you come into a clean, stocked and organized work station. Reporting to Management anything that is out of sorts.

  • Prioritizing your workload: Preparing and baking pretzels for service first thing in the morning then onto preparing pretzel dough for the next day use and lastly onto preparing dough both 9” and 16”. 

  • Bring soups from the walk-in cooler. Make sure soups are being used in the correct order. Check dates and rotate accordingly. 

  • Transfer soups to banes and cover.

  • Check Management’s Daily Specials to determine any urgent or atypical prep.

  • Set up the slicer. Ensure that sanitized safety guards are in place.

  • Slice cheeses first, then turkey, salami, ham, and any specialty meats as directed by the Managers.

  • Break down the slicer and clean. Sharpen blade after every use. Generally, slicing should be completed by the time other kitchen staff arrives for safety and ease of workflow.

  • Clean/sanitize work area.

  • Date/label/initial products and place into walk-in cooler. Keep all products out of the food “danger zone” (41-139 degrees) and prevent cross contamination. Be sure to cool the food you have prepared from 140 to 70 degrees in 2 hrs and from 70 to 41 degrees within 6 hrs.

  • Prep food based on the prep list created by tenure Kitchen Prep Team Members in addition to the Management Team. Being aware of all food and prepped items in the kitchen. Keeping a standard par created by Management to conform to the business levels.

  • Keep the dish area organized and accessible throughout the shift. Assist in the dish pit and wash dishes as needed.

  • Be aware of time and equipment required to complete prep work. Multitasking is important and encouraged but not at the cost of quality and safety.

  • Always follow standardized recipes exactly as given by Management. This is to ensure consistency and quality, as well as to prevent unknown/unexpected ingredients.

  • If a recipe question arises, report directly to your General Manager or BOH Operations Manager. If neither the General Manager or BOH Operations Manager are available, then report to your next immediate Manager on Duty.

  • Tasting products is encouraged and necessary for familiarity and to confirm quality of product.

  • Always work organized, clean, and sanitary.

  • When other Kitchen Staff and Managers arrive, communicate priorities and completed projects that have or have not been completed.

  • Set a goal to prioritize prep tasks that pertain to lunch service that day and clean/sanitize work areas by 10:45 a.m. Be ready for 11:00 a.m. lunch service. 

  • After all prep items have been completed and all stations are set up for service, assist the Dough Station, or resume washing and putting away dishes, or assisting the Kitchen Line as needed.

  • At the end of the shift, organize and consolidate all food that was prepped or that needs to be stored in the walk-in cooler and dry-storage. Maintain a clean and organized working environment.


Food Delivery Tasks:

  • Sysco and GFS are our typical deliveries. 

  • On Sysco delivery days (Mon. Wed. & Fri. Sat. in the Summertime), anticipate an arrival as early as 6:00 a.m. Prepare to suspend prep work to ensure that the order can be put away and stored properly. If there are any unfamiliar or damaged products that arrive, seek out Management before taking the initiative of putting the product away.

  • Be sure to check off the invoice that is left by the delivery driver while putting away the order, and communicate any discrepancies regarding the delivery to Management.

  • The fresh produce that is delivered should be put immediately into the walk-in refrigerator and products shall be consolidated and organized following the FIFO rotation (First In, First Out). 

  • Confirm and date all products in boxes that do not get broken down.

  • Be sure to rotate and date all products that are delivered to be kept in the outside walk-in cooler in the busy seasons.

  • Dismantle boxes/fold cardboard to best manage space.


Essential Job Abilities:

  • Ability to work calmly and be flexible through high-volume times while providing the best customer service possible. 

  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment.

  • Ability to problem-solve with minimal disruption to customers. Seek a manager or help from a co-worker if needed.

  • Lead by setting a professional and upbeat example.

  • Maintain safety and sanitation guidelines in all aspects of the job to keep employees and customers alike safe from illness or injury.

  • Consistently communicate clearly with co-workers and customers. 

  • Able to follow a recipe using standard measurement systems.

  • Effectively and safely use kitchen utensils.

  • Willing and able to learn to create complex menu items and to respond positively to feedback regarding performance.

  • Possess sufficient dexterity for working in a crowded workspace with multiple co-workers.


Physical Requirements:

  • Consistently lift and carry 10 pounds and occasionally lift and carry 50 pounds.

  • Frequent bending, stooping, pushing, lifting, kneeling and reaching.

  • Must be able to stand for the entire shift, up to ten hours.

  • Consistently able to use repetitive hand and wrist motion.

  • Ability to work in a small, crowded, and hectic environment for extended periods of time.

  • Work with hot, cold and hazardous equipment.

  • Climb stairs several times a day

  • Frequent washing of hands.

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