Hop Cat Grand Rapids Tap Takeover

12/19/2013 5pm @ Grand Rapids, MI

hopcatIt’s that time of year again. The man himself, Mr. Joe Short turns another year old–and Hop Cat in Grand Rapids throws him an epic birthday party! This year Joe turns 35, which means 35 delicious and unique Short’s brews will be proudly pouring from one of the world’s best beer destinations. Please join us for this momentous occasion!

Featured Short’s Brews:
Brambling Martian
The Walking Red
Black Cherry Porter
Bloody Beer
Raisin Apollo
Pineapple Pilsner
Earl of Brixom
Kind Ale
Peaches & Cream
Sticky Icky Icky
Kentucky Common
Mystery Stout
Evil Urges
Bourbon Pig Pen
Cerveza de Julie
Key Lime Pie
Ale La Reverend
Sustenance Black Beer
Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
India Spruce Pilsner
Noble Chaos
The Curl
Bludgeon Yer Eye
Dark Passenger
Captain Fantasy
Cup a Joe
Chocolate Giddy Up
Bim Bam Boom
Big Style
Huma Lupa Licious
Good Humans
Jitterbug Perfume


Hop Cat
25 Ionia Ave SW #100
Grand Rapids, MI 49503