In 2013, we undertook our first attempt at a true Short’s Brew quality beer that contains less gluten. Focusing on what many of us would want to drink if we were cut off from beer for any length of time, the beer created was a low-gluten India Pale Lager (Alien Einstein).  It is incredibly delicious!

In order to ensure that our new low-gluten process was successful, and to make certain we would not be misleading people by falsely promoting a low-gluten beer option, we sent samples to a lab where gluten content could be determined.  Though this beer cannot be promoted as “gluten free” (since it started off deriving from gluten based cereal grains), we hoped that the test result numbers would provide us with the security and information to encourage gluten-intolerant folks to try it with confidence. When the test results returned, the gluten levels were too low to even read. This beer produced gluten readings that were below ten parts per million, the allowable numbers for gluten-free products.  As brewery manager Tyler Glaze put it, this beer has lower gluten levels than gluten free but cannot be called “gluten free.”

Subsequently in 2015, we added Space Rock to our flagship lineup, and in August of that year we made this beer “Crafted to Remove Gluten”.

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