We sell our kegs in 1/2 barrels (15.5 gals), 1/4 barrels (7.75 gals) and 1/6 barrels (5 gals). To break it down into 12oz. pours, you will get roughly: 165 glasses from a 1/2bbl, 82 glasses from a 1/4bbl and 53 glasses from a 1/6bbl.


Here are some questions to help determine how many kegs you will need.

1. Are there going to be other alcoholic beverages?

2. Of your guests, how many are of legal drinking age?

3. Are your guests familiar with microbrew beer (are you going to have domestic keg as well)?

4. How many different beers were you thinking about getting?

5. Are you OK running out of beer or would you prefer to have some left over?

6. How long will the bar be open?

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