Short’s Brewing Company is distributed only within Michigan, and we have no plans to distribute in other states. This is our best way to give back to the state that made it all possible for us. It’s part of what Joe Short likes to call “our Michigan stimulus package.” You can find us in over 3,200 locations statewide including restaurants, bars and big box grocery stores, along with liquor/party stores that take pride in awesome craft beer selections! If your favorite retailer doesn’t stock Short’s, be sure to ask them “why not?” Looking for our beer near you? Check out our beer locator!


There is one exception to our policy of not distributing outside of Michigan.  Each year, we attend several craft beer industry events outside of Michigan, such as the Great American Beer Festival, SAVOR and the Extreme Beer Fest.  When we go to those events, we sometimes ship a small amount of our beer so that we can enjoy Short’s while we’re on our trip.  We call this the “my buddy” program (those familiar with 1980s television commercials will enjoy this reference).

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