Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Frambuesa Thursday!

Frambuesa Diablita, the next brew in our Private Stache series is now available at the pub! A play on a very special birthday brew, Ocho de Mayo, Frambuesa Diablita is the raspberry – tequila devil on your shoulder urging you to take a swig. Sinfully sour and brimming with tequila flavors, Frambuesa Diablita is a summertime treat for taste buds seeking to beat the heat.

Frambuesa Diablita (5.3% ABV – 10 IBU – 13 TA (g/L)) is a super sour tequila barrel aged mixed culture Gose and Raspberry American Sour Ale blend. A variation of Short’s Ocho de Mayo, this Private Stache beer is brewed with lime, lemon, Himalayan pink salt, raspberries, and lactobacillus. Slightly hazy and rose-colored, Frambuesa Diablita pours with a pink tinted head. An initial aroma of earthy tequila is followed by scents of raspberry and citrus. A bold tequila flavor is matched by tart, salty, and fruity notes. The sour and salty flavor combination in this hybrid beer gives this light-bodied brew a very dry and mouth puckering finish.

Available ONLY at our pub in Bellaire, this 500 mL raspberry margarita inspired Gose will set you back a cool $11.99. With just 400 bottles available (and no purchase limit), we predict that this tantalizing brew won’t be in our coolers for long. Pick up a bottle, take a sip, and wait for that puckish grin to spread across your face. Let the tequila devil out, it’s Frambuesa Thursday!

2 thoughts on “Margarita Monday, Tequila Tuesday, Frambuesa Thursday!”

  1. Nick says:

    Do you think you will brew this again and distribute to stores?

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Nick,

      Thanks for the question! Due to the nature of this brew (mixed culture fermentation and barrel aged), it’s very unlikely that we’d be able to produce it in a large enough quantity for distribution. We’re not saying never, but it isn’t on the docket at this time.

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