We Speak with the Kings! From King Orchards

We’re back on the road with Short’s Cast and luckily we just have to drive about ten minutes up the road from our production facility in Elk Rapids. King Orchards is a family owned business started by two brothers, John and Jim King. Bridgett and Woj got the opportunity to interview the second generation of Kings involved in the family business, Jack and his wife Courtney.

King Orchards grows everything from cherries, apples, plums, and apricots. Their concentrate has been used in Short’s beers and by many other craft breweries throughout the country. We want to thank Jack and Courtney for the opportunity and their hospitality. You don’t get many opportunities to record a podcast in the middle of an Orchard, and we appreciate the experience.

Our Music in this episode was kindly provided by The Moxie Strings. They will be performing at the pub in Bellaire on Thursday June 29th, at 8pm.

2 thoughts on “We Speak with the Kings! From King Orchards”

  1. Thom Peterson says:

    Enjoying a glass of batch 10,000 (Whoa!) while listening to this (old) podcast that caught my eye: King Orchard is my choice for sour cherry concentrate which I use for apple-cherry cider every year. My wife’s Dad found an old cider press, and fixed it up to use in 1969. Every year since then the Neils family has pressed cider in the fall. When I married in, I was interested in hard cider, and found it much more interesting with the tart cherry addition. Cool podcast!

    1. Angela Seefried says:

      Hey Thom! Great story, thank you for sharing with us and happy pressing!

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