Mule Beer is Here!

When is the best time to enjoy a Mule Beer? Anytime! This classic cocktail inspired beer has hints of lime to keep you refreshed on a hot day and spicy ginger aromas to warm you up on cooler nights. With a crushable ABV, you’ll find this brew is perfect anytime of the day and complements all seasons.

Mule Beer (4.5% ABV – 25 IBU) is an Ale brewed with lime and ginger. Hazy copper in color with an off-white head, Mule Beer pours with aromas of pungent ginger and tangy lime. Pronounced flavors of ginger and lime are accompanied by a biscuit like maltiness and a creamy body. This light-bodied, Moscow Mule inspired brew finishes with a spicy ginger kick.

This Michigan only brew will be available through the winter in cans, bottles, and on tap at select locations, with a limited amount making its way to taps around the Great Lakes Region. Remember, Mule Beer is best served in copper.

16 thoughts on “Mule Beer is Here!”

  1. MaryKate Dudek says:

    Will it be anywhere in Grand Rapids!?

    1. Short's Brewing Co. says:

      Yes! Look for Mule Beer to hit shelves this week! Meijer, Siciliano’s, Martha’s Vineyard, and Rishi’s would all be good spots to check. Cheers!

  2. Brenda Esselman says:

    I live in Janesville ,Wi. I can’t find it. Not at Looking Glass or Woodmans.

  3. Sandi Patterson says:

    I had this Mule beer in a bar in Kalamazoo. It is awesome! I am a huge fan of ginger, and this is so yummy! I now need to find it in a store. I will try Meijer. Thank you for making this unique beer!

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Sandi! We are happy to hear that you loved Mule Beer so much. Were you able to find some in your area?

  4. Tamara says:

    Where can I buy mule beer in Chicago or the burbs???

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Tamara! We don’t currently have any in that area but we might be able to work with our distributors to get some in an area near you. If you provide some bars or shops you like to frequent, we can try to allocate some out your way!

  5. Karla says:

    My Michigan friend is bragging about this beer and I don’t see the availability anywhere in the Philly/Eastern Pennsylvania/DC/MD/VA area. Where can I get this stuff in my neck of the woods?

    1. Short's Brewing Co. says:

      Hi Karla – We’re glad to hear your friend is enjoying Mule Beer! Unfortunately, this is currently only distributed within Michigan. Hopefully, they can set some aside for the next time you visit. Cheers!

  6. Ron D! says:

    This beer is delicious. I am not a huge fan of gimmicky beers, but this hits all of the right notes for me. I love the bite of the ginger, the crispness of the lime, and low-ish IBU. I got a six pack on the way home from a ski trip, now just need to find the local purveyor to keep my fridge stocked. 🙂

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Glad to hear, Ron! Check out our beer locator to find it in your area:

  7. Melissa Ward says:

    Please, please, please sell this beer in Indiana! I buy as much as I can when I drive back to Michigan. But, all my friends want it now too. It’s delicious!

  8. J T says:

    I Love this specialty “Mule Beer”!!! I found it in a 6 pack of bottles at Busch’s in Pinckney.
    I have had a home-made version and it taste very similar. I enjoyed the flavors of ginger and lime. Wish you made it all year round.
    May have to stock up on it.
    At least I can get my favorite bear all year round….All Day IPA. I have sampled many an IPA, they come close but my vote is for All Day.

  9. Brad N says:

    We have it in Bryan, OH at Wicks Par-T-Pak!

  10. Larry Koch says:

    When will you be brewing and distributing Mule Beer again? What a refreshing brew!
    I’m located in the Ann Arbor Jackson area.

    1. Short's Brewing Company says:

      Hey Larry! Mule Beer will be back in September! Since you liked that brew so much, you might also like our next seasonal, Melt My Brain. Look for this Golden Ale with coriander, juniper berries, limes and blended with Short’s made tonic water to hit shelves in June. Cheers!

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