Move over Cinco, Gimme’ Some Ocho de Mayo!

You might be asking yourself “why”? Why is Short’s celebrating the 8th of May with a specialty beer release instead of the 5th of May? And to that we say, “Love, dammit!” Ocho de Mayo actually has nothing to do with the Mexican army defeating the French army or tacos, but has everything to do with a certain someone’s birthday and her love of margaritas.

Tyler Glaze, our Director of Quality brewed up a small batch of Ocho de Mayo, a margarita inspired Gose, last year to celebrate his girlfriend, Kendal’s birthday. Kendal is known to be a margarita connoisseur of sorts and this beer was right up her alley. Tyler bowled a turkey on this one as everyone who tasted the beer was blown away. So, Ocho de Mayo was a shoo-in for our 2016 Bottle Release Schedule.

Ocho de Mayo (4% ABV – 10 IBU) is a light and refreshing Gose Ale with delicate citrus and prominent wheat aromatics. Initial flavors of big tangy lemon and lime, combine with subtle tastes of blue agave and a lip licking saltiness to create the sensation of drinking a cool carbonated margarita. An ample dry finish encourages the need to sample again and repeat.

And that British guy we work with, Scott Newman-Bale? Yeah, that’s him. He wanted to keep the good people of the Shorts – i -verse from having Ocho de Mayo in time for May 8th. We’re not really sure if he just never took a spanish class or if he was solely concerned with releasing Ocho de Mayo in the wake of the awe-inspiring Melt My Brain. BUT, we managed to reason with him to get you your Ocho de Mayo just in time.

So, whatever day you plan on celebrating this Mayo, do it with a bottle of Ocho! Now on store shelves and on tap throughout the mitten state.

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