Tap Handle Magnets


Our custom tap handle magnets for some of our great Short’s beers!



Trying to keep track of which awesome Short’s brew you have on tap at home? We’ve got you covered! Get you custom Short’s Tap Handle Magnet and proudly display that fantastic brew you’re about to pour.

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Strawberry Shorts Cake, Soft Parade, Pontius Road Pilsner, Slurm Lord, Peaches & Cream, Pan Galactic, Publican Porter, Rye Not?, Noble Chaos, Mystery Stout, Pandemonium Pale Ale, Nicie, Plum Rye, Pistachio Cream Ale, Rich's Rye, Cup A Joe, Cerveza De Julie, Snow Wheat, Woodmaster, Aorta Ale, Bourbon Wizard, Black Licorice Lager, Superfluid, Huma Lupa Licious, Uncle Steve's Irish Stout, Spruce Pilsner, Sustenance Black Beer, Beach Wheat, Autumn Ale, Captain Fantasy, Turtle Stout, Short's Brew, Ale La Reverand, Sticky Icky Icky, Wizard, Black Cherry Porter, Space Rock, Dan's Pink Skirt, Goodnight Bodacious, Uber Goober, Devil's Lettuce, Hopstache, Village Reserve, Empress, Good Samaritan, Bellaire Brown, Juicy Tree, Mmmkay, The Magician, Evil Urges, Golden Rule, Key Lime Pie, Good Humans, Chocolate Wheat, Kind Ale, Controversiale, Local's Light, Cinnabilly


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