Short’s Brewing Company: bringing you the best variety packs ON PLANET EARTH!


We just can’t help ourselves from adding beers to the release schedule. Whether they’re hits on tap at the pub, historic customer favorites and requests, reliable crushable brews, or experimental beer dreams that enter our brewers’ minds; variety packs are one of the best ways that we can keep your supplied with delicious beers on an ever rotating basis. Perfect for a backyard barbecue, housewarming gift, taco party, or just to keep your fridge stocked with scrumptious beers. Check out our current and past variety packs below, and look for one at a store near you.


Now Available

Variety Pack V.7


Coming Soon

Variety Pack V.1 2018


Past Variety Packs
Super Hoppy Holidays 2017
Variety Pack V.6 2017

Variety Pack V.5 2017

Variety Pack V.4 2017

Variety Pack V.3 2017

Variety Pack V.2 2017

Variety Pack V.1 2017

Super Hoppy Holidays 2016

Variety Pack V.3 2016

Variety Pack V.2 2016

Variety Pack V.1 2016

Variety Pack V.2 2015

Variety Pack V.1 2015

Variety Pack Winter 2014

Variety Pack Fall 2014

Variety Pack Summer 2014