Below is a list of beers currently available for purchase at our pub and Short’s Mart.






Local’s Light* $7.99
Huma Lupa Licious* $10.99
Bellaire Brown* $8.99
Soft Parade* $10.99
Juicy Brut* $10.99
Mule Beer* $8.99
Sticky Icky Icky* $10.99
Devil’s Lettuce $12.99
Starcut Ciders Mosa** $8.99
Starcut Ciders Octorock** $8.99
Starcut Ciders Erraticus 21 $14.99 22oz Bottle
Bourbon Barrel Aged Sustenance Black Beer $13.99 22oz Bottle
Starcut Ciders Variety Pack 2019 $15.99 12pk
    *Cans available in addition to bottles
**Cans only