Our company culture begins with the concept of the public house or “pub.” Compared to other alcohol establishments, pubs hold a unique place in the American experience. The colonial pub was the pillar of the community. Pubs were places to catch up on local business, gather a good meal and take in a libation brewed on site by the local publican. Early taverns were full of life and comfort. The Short’s Pub in Bellaire, MI is our attempt to revive that hominess and is representative of the quality, creativity and conviviality throughout our company and products.


The family-oriented and entrepreneurial nature of our brewpub extends through the fabric of our company as a whole. Creativity is consistently encouraged among the entire staff, with an understanding that all employees have much to contribute to the Short’s Brewing Company ethos. Exemplifying the “power of smallness,” Short’s enjoys the excitement of being one of the largest craft breweries in Michigan while also maintaining the tight-knit, hard-working attitude of a small business.


Matching our seriousness of purpose in the workplace is a driving passion for recreation. Located in the heart of what we know as the “real” up north (Antrim County has a total of two traffic lights), easy accessibility truly makes the natural world our playground. Whether we’re mountain biking or kayaking, trail running or hiking, snowshoeing or alpine-, cross-country-, or water-skiing, the Short’s staff plays with the same lust for life that inspires every beer we brew.