Community Partnerships

We’re about more than beer, a lot more

We are proud supporters of a wide range of community-centric projects. From natural resource protection to outdoor recreation to equity initiatives—we’re on a mission to make the planet more awesomer. Keep scrollin’ to learn more.

Resource protection

If you’ve been to our neck of the woods, you know it’s magic. We’re doing everything we can to keep it awesome for our kids and our kids kids. That includes supporting organizations that protect our waterways, keep our trails clean, and educate Good Humans on responsible practices like boat washing.

Outdoor Recreation

We like bikes. And skis. And seasons. It’s one of the main reasons we set up shop in Northern Michigan. The North Country Trail is literally in our backyard! There’s always something waiting for us outside—from mountain biking our rolling forests to skiing (downhill, XC, and water) to camping and rock collecting.

Short's Brewing company sign covered with colorful rainbow streamers
We care so hard

Equity & Inclusion

When we say “Good Humans” we mean all humans. We strive to be a welcoming place and are proud to partner with organizations around the region who advocate for vibrant, accessible, and inclusive communities.

Good things are brewing

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