Order a Keg

Fast Facts About Kegs!

Got a party coming up? Kegerator empty? You’ve come to the right place.

Check out the facts below before filling out our online form.

We sell draft beer in the form of: 

• ½ barrels (15.5 gallons or about 124 – 16 oz. pints)
• ¼ barrels (7.75 gallons or about 62 – 16 oz. pints)
• 1/6 barrels (5 gallons or about 41 – 16 oz. pints)

If this sounds like way too much for your shindig, you can get a 10% discount on cases of product.

When can I order my keg?

One week prior to your event, we appreciate a 48-72 hour notice. Note: Orders placed after 3pm on Friday will not be available until the following Monday.

When can I pick up my keg?

During Pub and Pull Barn business hours hours. Please be advised: If it’s super busy it may take longer to get your keg.

What beers can I choose from to fill my keg?

Check out our “On Tap” list to get an idea of what is available. Have a second and third choice picked out, we go thru a lot of kegs and not all beers are guaranteed to be available.

**Please note that we do not accept or exchange kegs from other breweries.

How much is it going to cost to fill my keg?

It depends on the beers you’re interested in. But keg deposits are $30 and if you need a tapper and ice bin, we rent those too.

When do I pay for my keg?

Kegs can be paid for at the time of pick up.

How do I start the order process?

After you have a few beers in mind, fill out the form below.

Now what?

After you fill out the form we’ll respond to confirm your order. If we have more questions we’ll let you know.