Our favorite American Lager just got elevated to a new level, Citra Local’s is here

In the peak of summer we need something that’s equally refreshing and delicious. Cue the lighter brews and lower ABVs so we can enjoy every hour that the sun is shining. Local’s Light is of course our go to year round Lager,Read More

Another beer on the wall, Synalpheus Pinkfloydi is here

Is there anybody out there… looking for a great new sour brew to enjoy this summer? This next release is ready to rock and get down with your nerdy science-loving self. Named for the newly discovered pistol shrimp species, that was namedRead More

Stray Cat Street Fighting for the Devil is pleased to meet you

Are you ready to rock and get a little funky this weekend? Inspired by The Rolling Stones, this next Private Stache release has a little bit of our love of England mixed with a whole lot of wild! Stray Cat Street FightingRead More

Some of that real Sticky Icky Icky

We make a lot of IPAs here at Short’s. What can we say? We’re big hop heads and nothing gets us more excited than that fresh, green smell of hops in the brewhouse. Several of our brewers have taken a turn atRead More

Dessert or beer? Why choose!? Strawberry Short’s Cake is here

Have you been known as the one at the summer barbecue just waiting for the dessert table to open up? Of course! Who doesn’t want to get into those delicious pies, cookes, and cakes ASAP. But alas, we get our hands swipedRead More

V.3 Variety Pack 2018

Coming soon Short’s Mart and stores near you! Always on Vacation (4.1% ABV – 70 IBU) is a session Pale Ale brewed with Motueka and Galaxy hops. Always On vacation has a light copper hue, slight haze, and a frothy white head.Read More

Watch your mouth; Wine Barrel Aged Orange Ya Glad I Didn’t Call You Honey?

In collaboration with Fermenta: Michigan Women’s Craft Collective; Wine Barrel Aged Orange Ya Glad I Didn’t Call You Honey? (8.2 ABV, 22 IBU) is a mixed Culture French Saison fermented with Brettanomyces and brewed with fresh orange, lemon, orange blossom honey, and green cardamomRead More

It’s all for nothing if you don’t have Freedom….of ’78

Freedom of ’78 (8.0% ABV, 70 IBU) is a medium-bodied IPA brewed with guava. The perfect beer for a relaxing evening of painting your face blue and running into battle on horseback. This IPA is bright and clear with a pleasing bronze hue.Read More

The Power of Love is a curious thing

Power of Love (2.50% ABV, 20 IBU) the summer shandy that has come back to the future to be your “One in a googolplex!” This truly unique pink-colored shandy was created by blending local lemonade and a Wheat Ale brewed with raspberry andRead More

There Will Be Barney Blood

This next Private Stache beer is a downright Super Dee Duper romp in the park that will make you want to inexplicably sing and dance with your friends! Barney Blood (7.2 ABV, 64 IBU) is a Milkshake IPA brewed with raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, vanillaRead More