Ziltoidia Attaxx!

Greetings Short’s-i-verse, in a ploy to please the extraterrestrial, Ziltoid the Omniscient, we’ve brewed the universe’s ultimate Golden Sour Ale and dedicated it to the alien threatening our very existence; Ziltoidia Attaxx! Ziltoidia Attaxx (5.5% ABV – 7 IBU) is a GoldenRead More

Variety Pack Version 2 2017

It’s time for another Short’s brew variety pack! Try four tasty Short’s brews (Lil’ Wheezy, London Fog, Twisted Cain, and Pontius Road Pilsner) in one convenient box. This pack is hitting store shelves now and promises to move quickly. Snatch one upRead More

Kick your heels and give your alley cat a scratch, it’s time for Uncle Steve’s!

Don’t let this beer release deceive you, it’s really only February. When laying out our 2017 beer release schedule, we knew that our friends in the Short’s-i-verse could use a pint or two pick me up during the February slump and weRead More

Hump Day Hot Loins (and Bareback)

February is here and you know what that means, It’s time for a beer that makes you weak in the knees. This year’s a little different, we doubled our efforts, So you and your sweetie can have two fermented beverages. We’ve brewedRead More

Warm up by the Fire with a Bottle of S’more Stout

Winter returned to the mitten last night just in time for the release of our favorite fireside treat, S’more Stout! Brewed to mimic the flavor profile of the iconic campsite dessert, the s’more, S’more Stout was first brewed at our Bellaire pubRead More

S’more Stout Brewed with Real S’mores!

In order to make S’more Stout taste just like your favorite camping treat, we use ONLY real ingredients that you’d find on a S’more. No fake stuff like artificial flavorings here.  The use of real ingredients including milk chocolate, graham cracker, andRead More

You better RUN to Bellaire for a bottle of this Sour Stout

You better RUN to Bellaire for a bottle of this Sour Stout! RUN, the first Private Stache brew of 2017 is now officially available. With a complex flavor profile full of twists and turns, this Sour Stout is as mind bending asRead More

Turn that winter frown upside down, get yourself a Hopstache!

Turn that winter frown upside down, get yourself a Hopstache! Our OG Michigan-made, grapefruit infused, India Pale Ale, Hopstache, is making it’s way back to store shelves to help you combat these bleak January days. No need to book a flight toRead More

Short’s Brewing Co. Announces Anni Party 13 Battle of the Bands Lineup

Short’s Brewing Company announces the lineup for their Anni Party 13 Battle of the Bands. Over the course of the next two months, 21 selected bands will battle for a paying gig to perform as the opener at Short’s 13th Anniversary PartyRead More

Short’s Spotlight: Emily Kwekel

It’s a new year and now that we’ve finally got our bearings (no more writing “2016” at the tops of our papers for this crew), we’re ready to shine the Short’s spotlight on another member of  our crew. This week, we’re happyRead More