Where can I buy tickets?

Short’s Anni Party 13irteen tickets are available now for purchase online through Eventbrite.

If not sold out, tickets will be available at the gates on the day of the festival for $40.

Do I have to bring a printed copy of my ticket?

It is preferred to have your printed ticket available, but we can also scan your ticket off of your mobile device.

Can I bring my kids?

Sorry, Short’s Anni Party 13irteen is strictly a 21 and up event. A valid, government-issued photo ID is required at entry. This includes babies and toddlers. No exceptions.

Will the Pub be open?

The Pub will be open with a limited menu, and Short’s Mart will be open for all of your merchandise needs. There will be food, restrooms, and beverages available both indoors and out.

Food available outside – Food Trucks: Daily Blend and Antrim Catering
Other food: Why Knot Pretzel Cart and Woj’s Weiners

Where is Short’s Anni Party 13irteen happening?

Event Map


Short’s Anni Party 13irteen takes place on the streets surrounding our Pub in downtown Bellaire, with most of the festival grounds being on North Bridge Street. The festival entrance is located at the intersection of North Bridge Street and M88.


How much does it cost to get in?

Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Advanced tickets are $35 for entrance with tokens and $20 for entrance, and (if any tickets remain) $40 the day of.

Pre-Party tickets are $25 and include early entrance at 2:30pm, as well as a custom pair of Short’s socks, a 500mL bottle of Bourbon Wizard, and an Anni Party 13irteen poster signed by Joe Short himself!

Can I just join in for the Pre-Party if I don’t want to attend the rest of the party?

Unfortunately NO. In order to come into the Pre-Party each person must also have an “It Gets You In!” ($20) or “It Gets You In with Tokens!” ($35) ticket. Attendees without both tickets will not be allowed in at 2:30pm and will not receive the Pre-Party goodie bag. If you would like to attend the Pre-Party, be sure to purchase a regular Anni Party tickets as well.

Does my ticket include anything?

$35 tickets include entrance to the party and (6) drink tokens.

$20 tickets include entrance to the party.

Pre Party tickets include early entrance at 2:30pm, as well as a custom pair of Short’s socks, a 500mL bottle of Bourbon Wizard, and an Anni Party 13irteen poster signed by Joe Short.

Tokens are good for outside beverages only, (1) token = 8oz regular pour or 6oz gourmet pour (double your pour for 2 tokens!)

Tickets also include access to all food and drink trailers, as well as the Pub and Short’s Mart.

Additional tokens are available for $2.50 a token and are able to be used for beer or cider in the streets (you may use cash or credit to make purchases in the Pub). Both cash and credit cards will be accepted.

Music: Who is playing? When is each band playing?

The schedule is as follows:


All live performances will be held under the large “music tent” located on the east side of Bridge Street.

How do I get a beverage?

(6) drink tokens will be included with the “It Gets You In with Tokens!” ($35) ticket, and provided as you enter the party. Additional tokens will be available at Short’s Mart and from roaming token sales persons. There will be three beverage trailers outside, and two bars inside at the Pub. There will be two tiers of beverages available, regular and gourmet. Each token will be good for (1) 8oz regular pour or (1) 6oz gourmet pour (double your pour for 2 tokens!). Step up and order from one of our friendly staffers, and provide us with a beer token in exchange. Tokens will not be taken inside the Pub, and Pub glasses will not be allowed outside of the Pub.

Will there be bottled beer for sale?

Yes, we will be releasing our Anni Ale 13 (NEW) as well as have all of our available bottled beer for purchase in Short’s Mart or the Pub. The Honey Badger will be home to our beer check, so that you do not have to carry your bottles and growlers with you.

Our Pre-Sale 500mL Bourbon Wizard and 500mL Terr-Bear bottles are only available for purchase before the event starts, and in limited quantities. Get yours while they last!

Do you do samples?

Unfortunately, because of the nature of the event, we will not be pouring samples. If you have questions about a particular beer, our friendly staff will be happy to help!

Can I return my unused beverage tokens?

Unfortunately no. Beverage tokens are non-refundable, and have no cash value. However, any tokens that are not used by the end of the party can be donated to the Bellaire DDA on your way out!

Can I bring my own water?

We will permit non-glass empty or sealed water bottles and will have several complimentary water-filling stations throughout the festival.

Will you be doing brewery tours during the festival?

We will not. Due to the sheer size of the party we are not be able to provide tours.

Can I get my growler filled?

Yes, but glass will not be allowed on the streets at Anni Party. If you purchase a growler or any other beer at the pub, you will be asked to use our handy Beer Check located at the Honey Badger near the entrance. You will be able to conveniently check in and leave your beer until you choose to leave the festival grounds.

Will the festival sell-out?

We hope so! If this is something that concerns you, purchase your ticket in advance!

I’m a Mug Club Member. Can I use my mug? Do I get an additional discount on beverage tickets?

Unfortunately there will be no special discounts for our mug club members. All beverages at Anni Party 13irteen will be served out of compostable cups.

I bought a ticket, but now I can’t attend. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, festival passes are not refundable, but Eventbrite does allow you to pass on a ticket to a friend!

Is there re-entry?

Yes, however re-entry will be permitted at the discretion of our staff & festival security.

What if it rains?

Anni Party 13irteen is a rain-or-shine event. Being outdoors, rain is always a possibility. We hope for the best but we suggest you come prepared!

Is the event handicap accessible?

Yes! All areas of the festival grounds are handicap accessible.

Where do I park?

You can find directions and parking information here.

Are there any deals for lodging?

You can find information about local lodging options and rates here.

Are there any shuttles available this year?

Yes, Anni Party Shuttles will be provided by Celtic Shuttles again this year.  They will be picking up at the Old Town Parking Deck on 125 E Eighth St.

You can find more information about available shuttles and purchase tickets here.




For questions concerning the Short’s Anni Party 13irteen, please contact us at or give us a call at (231) 498-2300, extension: 100