8000 batches later…

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly 10 years since we moved into the Elk Rapids Production Facility. Officially coming online in early 2009, Batch #1 was Pandemonium Pale Ale, quickly followed by some Bellaire Brown and Huma Lupa Licious. Since then, this facility has seen its fair share of different beers and ciders going from kettle, to tank, to bottle. One thing hasn’t changed though, a commitment to brewing creatively fearless beers here in Northern Michigan. Therefore when presented with the privilege of brewing our 8,000th batch of beer for thirsty fans, we couldn’t help ourselves to make this beer the biggest one yet.

Batch 8000 (15.8% ABV – 80 IBU) is a Quadruple IPA with raspberry brewed in celebration of the 8,000th batch of beer brewed at the Short’s Brewing Production Facility in Elk Rapids. Pale amber in color, this beer carries scents of dank berries and tropical fruit. Slightly sweet to start it is quickly balanced by the tart raspberry and pungent hops. Intense citrusy dank hops coat the drinkers’ mouth balancing the high alcohol content. Powerful, intense, and boozy, Batch 8000 is the perfect sipper to share.

Special beers deserve a special bottle, so 22 oz bombers of this beer are now headed to Michigan store shelves and a limited amount will be available on tap at select locations. Find some near you and celebrate 8000 batches of Short’s Brews coming from Elk Rapids and dream of what Batch 10,000 may hold…

2 thoughts on “8000 batches later…”

  1. Brandon E. says:

    Batch 8000
    Did they ship out yet?
    Do you have locations for it on draft?
    Do you guys sell bombers of it (22 oz) at the brewery?

    1. Short's Brewing Co. says:

      Yes, the majority of deliveries happened the week of February 12th. Our bombers at the Brewpub have sold out, but if you let us know where you’re looking for it we’d be happy to make some suggestions of accounts near you that brought it in. Cheers!

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