45 Minnow

45 Minnow: A heavily hopped golden Wheat Ale with soft aromas of pear and red apple. Apparent flavors of grainy wheat blend pleasantly with a grassy hop bitterness that takes advantage of this light bodied ale, resonating prominently, leaving a lingering bite on the back of the palate.

  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: 80
  • ABW: 0%
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Origin Story

We had one more brand new beer go on tap today at the pub. Referred to as the 45 Minnow, this beer is a continuation of the frequent style crossover hybridization that we have been experimenting with lately. Described as a hoppy Wheat Ale (I'm not even going to try to call it a India Pale Wheat or IPW, because that's just ridiculous) the idea to brew this beer was originally suggested by Joe Short, who first tried a style like this while visiting Big Sky Brewing Company in Missoula, Montana. Basically, the two existing styles that got fused together to make this new concept beer was an American India Pale Ale combined with qualities of an American Wheat Ale. Obviously, a substantial amount of hops, imparting an array of aromas, flavor, and bitterness would be the contributions from the IPA portion of this recipe. The similarities from the Wheat Ale would not be a traditional European yeast strain, but instead, the practice of using up to 50% malted wheat for the grain bill. In this instance, the brewers used a red wheat variety that, like all wheat, leaves a very delicate grain signature on the beers that are brewed with it. The cool thing about the hop component of this new wheat ale is that the brewers chose use a variety that we have never used before at Short's, called Calypso. By brewing this entire beer exclusively with these hops, the light delicate nature of a wheat ale should really allow us to see all of the benefits that this "dual purpose" hop has to offer.



Name Origin

As for the name, seeing that Joe was the one to suggest this new Short's style, Tony felt that the name should have some reference to it's innovator, and found the perfect summer time inspiration to label this popular summer time beer style (or hybridized version of the popular summer wheats). Apparently, Simon Short likes to jump off of their dock at home, into Elk River, by performing an array of tricks that he has created. He has also made it a point to name each of his tricks and 45 Minnow happens to be the name of one in particular that Tony had the pleasure of witnessing.

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