Black Licorice Lager

A high gravity American dark lager aged on anise see, Madagascar bourbon, vanilla beans and fresh chocolate mint leaves. "A sagacious formula of inherent elements within a beautiful cold fermented darkness"

Chocolate and roasted malt characteristics complement the additions of Madagascar vanilla bean, anise, and fresh chocolate mint. Vanilla aromas greet the nose and are tasted in the initial flavors, followed quickly by the anise. The finish, especially when the beer warms a bit, show cases the crisp, sweet chocolate mint. This well balanced beer is a bronze medal winner at the 2010 WBC.

  • ABV: 5.0%
  • IBU: 40
  • ABW: 3.9%
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Origin Story

Originally part of the 2007 Imperial Beer Series, which Joe firmly believes was the turning point for our company and was the catalyst for propelling us to the next level of brewing greatness. When the original series was launched, all of the beers were individually bottled by hand and had a tag hung around it that told a brief story about the beers creation according to Joe Short.



Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 150
  • Carbs: 13

Name Origin

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