Bourbon Ben's Asthma

Imperial Stout brewed with beet sugar and Medjool dates aged in bourbon barrels

Bourbon Ben’s Asthma is a barrel aged Imperial Oatmeal Stout brewed with beet sugar and Medjool dates. Leading with an intense aroma of sweet brown sugar, plums, and a foreboding potency of alcohol. The combination of Medjool dates, beet sugar, and a sizable malt bill creates an immense candied sweetness, coupled with a big sticky mouthfeel from the hefty additions of oat flakes. Extensive Bourbon-barrel aging provides some enjoyable vanilla wafer and caramel flavor complements. Despite the huge sweet initial flavor impact on the palate, some toasted oak qualities manage to poke through, before an expected mouth warming sensation caused by the high alcohol content that quickly builds and lingers well into the finish.

  • ABV: 13.7%
  • IBU: 41
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Origin Story

Tyler had always wanted to create a super high-octane Imperial Stout that utilized a bunch of oatmeal and call it an Oatwine. Tyler got the "green light" from Tony to add it to the new stout line up in the Fall of 2012. This beer was designed to have a monstrous primary plato of 28, thanks to its large malt bill, the addition of Medjool dates, and beat sugar! The guys also decided to use a combination of 3 different yeast strains to help ensure that any and all fermentable sugars in the wort would ferment out, leaving the final plato as close to zero as possible, so the final ABV would be around 13-14%. Tyler wanted to name the beer Cain's Miasma after an odd combination of a Danzig song and an evil purple gas from his favorite fantasy property at the time, Skyrim. He went into work the next day and pitched the name to Tony it went something like this: Tyler: “Hey Tony, what do you think about calling the beer Cain's Miasma?” Tony: “Ben's Asthma?” Tyler (laughing) – “Sure!”


US Golding, CTZ

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 415

Name Origin

Tyler (thinking)Let's see, the song at the time of inspiration was Danzig's "Twist of Cain" and that occurred during a part in the video game where there was an evil disease filled miasma cloud ( Perfect, "Cain's Miasma". Tyler" Hey Tony, what do you think about calling the beer Cain's Miasma?" Tony" Ben's Asthma????" Tyler (laughing)" Holy expletive, even better"

Available In

  • 22ozbomber
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