Brambling Martian

A heavily hopped ale brewed exclusively with Brambling Cross and Admiral English hop varieties. Unique hop aromas of lemon and sherbet combine with grainy malt characteristics and grassy hop flavors to create a memorable tasting experience. A big bitterness impacts the entire palate with noticeable herbal tea flavors perpetuating a prolonged finish.

  • ABV: 4.4%
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Origin Story

The Brambling Martian is the latest of our new second runnings beers to be created from a large double batch brewed in Elk Rapids. This year was the first time we ever brewed and bottled the Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster in Elk Rapids, and like other sizable ER brews before it, this beer required two times the amount of grain than an average batch. Never wanting to be considered as a wasteful brewery, we were able to salvage the final runnings from each mash in used to make Pan Galactic, and created a fun little side batch (GLB) to utilize all of the fermentable sugars still available in the wort that couldn't fit into the kettle. This side batch also provided us with another opportunity to experiment more with some relatively new hops we had on hand. Both of the newer hop varieties that we used to create the Brambling Martian were English varieties, one was called Brambling Cross and the other type were called Admiral hops. This is also where the clever name for this beer came from. "Brambling" is in reference to one of the English hop varieties, and "Martian" is due to the fact that it's Pan Galactic's "good little brother" (GLB).


Admiral, Brambling Cross

Name Origin

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