Cerveza de Julie

Mexican-style Lager brewed with lime

A pale yellow Mexican lager brewed with real lime. Delicate yeasty aromas gather quickly from the ample amount of carbonation breaking out of this lighter bodied beer style. Soft grain sweetness enhanced by unobtrusive lime qualities shift toward a subtle snappy tartness, which turns mildly bitter before a crisp clean refreshing finish.

  • Mexican-style Lager with lime

  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: 20
  • ABW: 4.4%
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Origin Story

As the temperatures climb into the 80's this week, this next beer is specifically designed to combat the heat with it's light and refreshing nature. Brewed for the first time last summer, Cerveza de Julie, a light bodied Mexican lager brewed with real lime puree, will be back on tap at the pub this weekend, as well as making an appearance as a new summertime specialty bottle release in August. Mexico has a pretty extensive beer history. Similar to the United States, beer was imported to Mexico by some of the first cultures interested in colonizing that region. Although the Mesoamerican inhabitants already had a working knowledge of fermented alcoholic beverages, it wasn't until the Spanish conquest in the mid 1500's that European style beer brewed with barley was introduced. Brewed in limited quantities due to the lack of raw materials and taxed heavily by Spanish authorities, the industry really didn't begin to develop until after the Mexican War of Independence (1810-1812). One of the most significant catalysts to the growth of the Mexican beer industry, as it was in so many other parts of the world, was an influx of German immigrants in the latter half of the 19th century. Just like in the United States, the German immigrants brought with them their knowledge and love of lager beer, and the rest was history. Aided by the onset of Prohibition in the United States, the Mexican beer industry continued to grow as many Americans crossed over the border to drink beer. Today it is one of Mexico's leading industry's and even though it spawned from many small independent sources, the majority of beer today is brewed by two corporations (sound familiar?). Very much like the United States, light refreshing lager beer became the primary style of choice and is the dominant offering coming out of Mexico today, seeing as most beer sold for export is primarily bought by the United States. In 2003, Mexico surpassed Holland as the worldwide leader in beer sales by volume! Even though Mexico's most popular and widely known beer style is very reminiscent of the leading beer brands here in the U.S., there tends to be a signature way of serving it that sets it apart from the American Pale Lager counterparts, and that is by garnishing the beer with a slice of fresh lime. Certain brands like Corona have literally based their success off of this unique way of serving a beer and many companies here in the U.S. have begun to mirror this interesting flavor profile by infusing their popular pale lagers with lime flavoring. Realizing that there could be some merit to enhancing a light refreshing beer with the addition of citrus fruit, and never being a company to incorporate extracts, it was decided that we would experiment with real lime puree to see if the classic Mexican pale lager could be modified prior to serving and still yield the same amplified refreshment that has become so popular with consumers of these particular beer styles. This year's batch is amplified with even more complimenting lime flavors than before, as the brewers decided to use Key Lime puree, which definitely imparts a more flavorful and lasting lime impression.



Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 160
  • Carbs: 13

Name Origin

Mexican beer made for Tony's wife

Available In

  • Cans
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