The Cookie Beer

A Brown Colored Oat Wine with Raisins, Vanilla, Brown Sugar, and a Copious Amount of Flaked Oats

The Cookie Beer is a brown colored Oat Wine brewed with raisins, vanilla, brown sugar, and a copious amount of flaked oats. Sweet aromatics of syrup and raisins gather atop an enticing creamy head of foam. Delicate grain fuses with sweet specialty malt and other sugary flavors before a slightly warming and alcohol laced finish.

  • ABV: 8.1%
  • IBU: 26
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Origin Story

For the new Cookie Beer, the brewers significantly increased the amount of oats used to total almost 40% of the overall grain bill! Along with some noticably enhanced oat flavors, non traditional brewing ingredients of vanilla, raisins, and brown sugar were added to fully create the cookie-like experience that should come from drinking this beer. When asked about the origins of his new beer concept, Sean somewhat sadly replied: Originally, I had a grand, dramatic tale of imagery, passion, and the existential. Van Morrison, Americana, Dutch families- it was intense. Then, it was relayed that they're changing/have changed around some key elements, and it all came crashing down. So, basically, I dig Oatmeal Raisin Cookies a lot and thought it'd be cool for a beer concept. All the rest really isn't relevant at this point, sigh... :) - Sean Cudahy



Name Origin

cookie-like experience that should come from drinking this beer.
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