Dark Passenger

An impenetrable dark black colored lager with an alluring tan lace. Enticing aromas of cocoa and burnt marshmallows lead into big flavors of heavy roast and tasty chocolate. The finish is clean and dry with a slight hop bitterness.

  • ABV: 4.3%
  • IBU: 40
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Origin Story

It's called Dark Passenger and is a Black Lager made with a Danish lager yeast strain. This was the same yeast strain used to create Alien Einstein and, like the Alien Einstein, Dark Passenger was intended to be a low gluten beer offering. Unfortunately, when the lab results came back, the gluten count was not low enough to allow us to distinguish this beer in the same way we did for the Alien, Yosemite Scooter, and Dr. Zeus. Regardless of it's gluten distinction, the Dark Passenger is still a pretty cool black lager that utilizes some unique specialty grains from Briess Malt and Ingredients Co. called Midnight Wheat and Blackprinz. Both of these malts are regarded as dark roasted varieties but, unlike the familiar roasted malts that have been regularly used to make dark beers (Chocolate Malt, Black Malt, etc.), both of these varieties are considered to be debittered. What this means is that both will be able to contribute the dark color and prominent roasted flavors that one would be looking for in the traditional beer styles normally brewed with dark roasted malts (stouts, porters, black lagers), but there would be no contribution of bitterness from either of these grain additions. Although this would have been our first non-heavily hopped low gluten beer, I am fairly certain that the brewers were not discouraged and will continue to play with the Clarex enzyme, providing us with an array of new low gluten beer options in the future. Until then, a black lager made with a Danish yeast strain and brewed with dark roasted malts that don't add any bitterness should still be viewed as a fun new fall option to look forward to.


Saaz Tettnang

Name Origin

Dexter inspiration
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