Dubbel Down

Dubbel Down is a dark brown Belgian Dubbel with an appealing tan lace. This beer has sweet sugary aromas with hints of dark fruit and spice. Prominent clove and nutmeg flavors intermix with toasted maple syrup and toffee sweetness, creating an appealing complexity on the palate. The bitter finish is composed of a lingering spiciness with subtle warming.

  • ABV: 6.9%
  • IBU: 40
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Origin Story

Although most breweries in Belgium had been brewing brown beers for centuries, today's modern dubbel typically gets accredited to the Trappist Westmalle brewery and their stronger "Dubbel Bruin", which they created in 1926. It was this version of a higher alcohol content (ranging in 6.8%-8%) brown ale that quickly grew in popularity causing other breweries in Belgium and around the world to make their own copies of it. Unlike British and German brown beers that get their flavor and color from roasted malts, dubbel achieves these attributes through the use of a highly caramelized version of sugar syrup called "candi sugar". Still resulting in an overall sweetness similar to malt the flavor differences from using this "candi sugar" are certainly notable, when doing side by side comparisons to these other regional forms of brown ales. Belgian yeasts also add their distinctive herbal and fruit esters, making the Belgium dubbel a truly unique brown beer. In the past we have used a hard version of Belgium candi sugar, but the Dubbel Down is the first time we have been able to brew with this ingredient in its actual syrup form. According to Ryan, it was way easier to use and should produce better results overall, so expect to see this uniquely Belgian non-traditional brewing ingredient to make an appearance again somewhere down the road in another new concept beer or even perhaps substituted in one of our existing beers where we used the hard candi form like the Richard in the Dirt.


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Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 220

Name Origin

Going by the name Dubbel Down, for obvious reasons, check out the following info and get "learned" on what it takes for a beer to be classified as a dubbel. Dubbel, meaning double, is one of the more popular beer styles that originated from Belgium's Trappist monastery breweries. As most Belgian's tend to not categorize their beers by applying stylistic guidelines, the dubbel is one that becomes very distinguishable and is quite easy to recognize. Popular belief is that the Belgian's began labeling their beers as "dubbel" or "tripel" in order to indicate alcoholic strength, similar to the same way multiple "X" marks would be applied to Whiskey jugs in early America. This widely accepted conception even inspired the De Koningshoeven Brewery in the Netherlands, one of two Trappist brewing abbeys not in Belgium, to create a beer they referred to as a "quadrupel", which was meant to signify that it was even stronger in alcoholic strength then the dubbel and tripel.
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