Hale Mary

Belgian Pale Ale

A medium bodied pale ale with apparent earthy hop aromas and slight accents of fruity Belgian yeast esters. Low malt contributions allow for a unique combination of hop flavors, beginning with some lemon lime citrus up front, followed by strong tea and herbal qualities. The finish is marked by a large bitterness, which provides the perfect template for the interesting grassy and tobacco-like hop flavors to resonate.

  • ABV: 4.5%
  • IBU: 75
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Origin Story

An unintentional tip of the hat to our very own Cap'n Planet, social media and energy efficient guru extraordinaire Matt Gacioch, this brand new beer is a true "hybrid". Hale Mary blends historic yeasts, with regionally specific hops, and new trends that reshape the craft beer landscape. Described as a Belgian Pale Ale, Hale Mary is unique simply by comparing this type of Belgian beers to other, possibly more well known, styles from this part of the world. Unlike many beers from Belgium, the common yeast characteristics of banana, bubblegum, clove and other spices, is actually quite low in this style. Overall malt sweetness is also lower than many other popular Belgian beers, and the hop bitterness is perceivable, but not a focal point. All in all, a pretty normal beer with no major highlights in malt, hops, or the trademark Belgian yeast. Perhaps this is why we do not come across too many of them. Typically brewed with the common European Noble hop varieties, we decided to experiment with our first ever Belgian Pale by using some hops that we had never brewed with before from England, called Admiral and Bramling Cross. Bramling Cross has been used in England since 1927 and Admiral is a fairly newer strain that was developed in 1998. Both can be used in all stages of the brewing process, adding bitterness as well as fruity to herbal and woody flavors. The final change we made to our not so Belgian Pale Ale was the addition of our gluten reducing enzyme buddy, Clarex. As our efforts to continue keeping these newly embraced popular options available for patrons who seem more than happy to consume them, Hale Mary will be the next low gluten beer to go up on tap, that also happens to be a type of pale ale, like the 3 other low gluten beers before it (Alien Einstein, Dr. Zeus, and Yosemite Scooter). So there you have it, a beer brewed with Belgian yeast that doesn't have the prominent trademark qualities often associate with those strains, English hops instead of Noble hops, and an enzyme that consumed all of the gluten in the solution, so we could offer it to those that couldn't regularly drink beer due to allergies and ailments. If that's not a hybrid then I don't know what is.


Admiral Bramlingham Cross
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