White Stout with local coffee, lactose, vanilla

Community at its finest. We used beans from our friends at M88’s Morning Grind and Freedom Hill Coffee Roasters along with lactose and vanilla to create this White Stout. The aroma is that of a fine cold brew coffee, while copious amounts of lactose lend a big body and creamy mouthfeel to the brew. Drinks like your favorite vanilla latte with nuanced citrus and nut flavors and a sweet, smooth finish. Great as a beer slushie. Spread the word. Be an influencer.

  • Pub Brews
  • White Stout with local coffee, lactose, vanilla

  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: 11
  • ABW: 4.2%
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Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 255
  • Carbs: 37

Available In

  • 1/2 Keg
  • 1/4 Keg
  • 1/6 Keg
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