Irish Red

Classic Irish-style Red Ale

A Short’s version of a classic Irish-Style Red Ale. This deep ruby red colored gem offers a wonderful sweet soft malty nose with delicate toasted qualities and slight creamy notes. A medium bodied ale that focuses on flavorful toasted malt characteristics lending subtle caramel-like sweetness, along with an enjoyable effervescence, allowing for a clean and dry finish.

  • ABV: 6.6%
  • IBU: 21
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Origin Story

Basically, the brew crew felt that we should have something else to offer people on or around St. Pat's Day. This beer should actually seem like a nice little breather from some of the crazy conceptualizations and high ABV behemoths that has been coming at you lately. Intentionally brewed to style, this beer was designed to help us all get in touch with our Irish roots or at least the ceremonial Irish roots we all seem to adopt during this time of year. The simple straight forward name indicates that we really just wanted to offer a great session beer to pay homage to some wonderful historical brewing styles that came out of Ireland. Often seen conditioned on nitrogen for a heightened creamy appearance and mouthfeel, especially by the European brewers who commonly create them, this practice is not required, but more or less an expectation by certain beer fans who enjoy this style. We have poured Irish Red on tap at the pub a handful of times and experimented with a standard CO2 version, as well as a nitrogen conditioned version. Regardless of popular European customs, we found that we have had greater success selling this beer in a standard CO2 conditioned format.



Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 195

Name Origin

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