Leave No Trace

Dry-hopped American Brown Ale

Leave No Trace is a medium-bodied, dry-hopped American Brown Ale. Light citrus aromas blend with notes of baked bread and chocolate. Leading with citrus hop flavors, this beer transforms as you enjoy it to traditional Brown Ale notes of toasty biscuit, chocolate, and roast. Leave No Trace finishes fairly dry and smooth.

  • ABV: 6.20%
  • IBU: 47
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Origin Story

Ryan put the recipe together based on what Randy from Terrain and he talked about. He really loves Good Humans but wanted something a little lighter so Ryan kind of took some malt form Good Humans and Bellaire Brown and came up with Leave No Trace. We also incorporated some Empire malt to go with the restaurant's theme of local ingredients. Randy's sister Jenna, who is also an owner, came up with the name after we talked about how Terrain reminds me of hiking, so we went along those lines.


Northern Brewer hops (these are one of Randy's favorite hops), Cascade hops, Centennial hops

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 180
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