Melon Baller

A light English Ale brewed with cantaloupe, aged in red wine barrels for one year. Distinct aromas of toasted wood and vanilla, along with a dark copper color, result from the extensive barrel aging. Tart fruit flavors are followed by some unique earthy vinous qualities, before a tangy and dry bitterness in the finish.

  • ABV: 4.1%
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Origin Story

Aptly named Melon Baller, this latest Short's creation was brewed with 150 lbs of cantaloupe. Made with Pilsen and Munich malt varieties, Tony Hansen originally created this beer with the intention to use it specifically for a food pairing event. Although the event never came to fruition, the beer still got brewed and when it was completed, Tony and the gang still felt that it was lacking something. Therefore, he decided to place it all in to red wine barrels to age for an entire year! Once barrel aging was completed, the fellas also made the decision to mix in some lactic acid to offer a heightened acidic tone, most notably recognized by the beer's pleasant tart flavors. Rounded out with some English Ale yeast and a relatively low ABV, this new brew is most easily described as refreshing and chuggable.



Name Origin

Named fore the 150 lbs of cataloupe in it
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