Merican Wheat

Brewed in honor of the 15th anniversary of the Michigan Brewers Guild.

Merican Wheat is (you guessed it) an American Wheat beer brewed with 50% Michigan grown malted wheat. This light bodied ale exhibits a pale yellow color with a slight haze commonly found in this beer style. Delicate doughy yeast aromas complement the distinguishable grain flavors with a dry, lingering, bready finish.

  • ABV: 4.50%
  • IBU: 7
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Origin Story

A new patriotic beer style should be gracing our fine tap selection at the pub this weekend called, 'Merican Wheat. This beer, like many other styles unique to this country (American Pilsner, American IPA), originated from a European counterpart. However, due to certain American brewing practices like substituting American yeast strains or using American hops, these styles evolve into their own classification due to their distinguishable flavor differences. 'Merican Wheat is a prime example of how a new style of beer with it's own distinct guidelines can be formed when substitutions like this take place. Similar to it's German parent style, the Hefeweizen, American Wheat beers employ a malt bill that is comprised of 30-50% malted white wheat. Wheat provides less fermentable sugars than barley and tends to give off a higher protein content, hence the occasional hazy appearance in some wheat beers. Wheat also has less fermentable sugars, so the over all ABV in many beers where large amounts of wheat is used tend to be lower, around 4%-5.5%. Bitterness is also quite low for this style with IBU's ranging from 10-35. Perhaps the most distinguishable characteristics that separate American Wheat beers from European varieties is the lack of clove, nutmeg, or strong banana flavors and aromas, due to the substitution of American Wheat (or lager) yeast. Short's very own Nicie Spicie is brewed under these same principles of what constitutes an American Wheat beer, but we choose to supplement our own spice profile and make up for the lack of fruitiness by adding citrus zest. Creating the ultimate American Wheat that pays homage to European varieties by showcasing similar flavor profiles (spice and fruit), while being uniquely different. 'Merican Wheat is Short's first official attempt to brew a true to style American Wheat beer that simply focuses on wheat malt and the relatively mild flavors it can impart, as well as being typically easy to drink. What makes this beer even more unique and possibly encouraged it's creation, was that Tony Hansen (Head of Brewing Production) discovered a Michigan based company that not only grew their own wheat, but also malted it. Encouraged by Joe Short to make a beer that had around 7 IBU's to allow for the best possible opportunity to taste the grain flavors from this locally grown product, the two decided to purchase some and make a beer that would serve as the perfect test for focusing on wheat and the flavors it has to offer.


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