Olfactor Spectacular

An American Pale Ale brewed exclusively with the experimental hop variety HBC 366. Bold citrus hop aromas blend with some subtle musty pine fragrances, creating a very unique and memorable nose. Hoppy attributes shift toward big grassy and hay-like flavors before a sharp and spicy bitterness in the finish with a lasting dryness.

  • ABV: 5.3%
  • IBU: 60
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Origin Story

There's no magical inspiration story behind this bad boy. Tony was honestly brewing this beer simply to see what a new "experimental" hop variety from our friends over at Hopunion had to offer. Similar to Lil Wheezy and White Falcon, when we brewed those beers to see what the benefits of the Falconers Flight hop blend were, and like Gleaner's Mingle, where we wanted to learn more about the Zythos hop blend, Kitty P366 was solely brewed for research purposes. So what's with the name then? Well, the new experimental hop we used is called HBC 366, and is described by Hopunion as having an exceptional aroma profile with notes of citrus, tropical and pine. Hopunion also states that the general trade perception among people in the industry regarding this new HBC 366 hop is that "the fantastic aroma combined with the high high oils make this hop very unique". Very unique indeed, considering that when Tony did some of his own independent research, he found many reviews from people who had already worked with the hop stated that it "smelled like cat pee"! Not totally uncommon in the beer industry to hear something like this regarding hop aromas, but certainly some descriptive remarks that would make any brewer want to fully experiment with this hop, before committing to any large scale purchases of it.



Name Origin

Refers to smells of the hops
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