Peaches and Cream

High-gravity golden ale with peaches and milk sugar

A classic from our storied 2007 Imperial Beer Series, Peaches and Cream is a real Joe Short original, showcasing his desire to push the boundaries of what beer could be in a time when “dessert beers” weren’t actually a thing. There is a wacky amount of fresh peach and milk sugar in this brew, and boy howdy does it taste like dessert in a glass. You’ll be pleased as a peach with this treat.

  • ABV: 8.30%
  • IBU: 36
  • ABW: 6.1%
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Origin Story

Peaches n' Creme was originally brewed in Bellaire on April 25, 2007 and was the 301st batch of beer brewed at Short's It was the 12th beer of the 13 beer series and yielded 820 bottles The original Imperial version was brewed with milk sugar and fresh peaches, and had an ABV of 9.5%. The 2012 12oz bottled version also employed the use of milk sugar and peaches, but had a lower ABV of around 8.3% The Imperial label artwork was created by Fritz Horstman, which also got carried over for the artwork used on the 6 packs This year's batch of Peaches n' Creme had over a half pound of real peaches and approximately 1.5 ounces of milk sugar for every gallon of beer produced!! Described as a high gravity golden ale fermented with lactose and fresh peaches, Joe Short used this eloquent bi-line to describe the beer's flavor profile: "Cream softness fused with the delicacy of prunus persica" Like all of the other beers from the original Imperial series, Peaches n' Creme had an official trading card that came with every bottle, which included a narrative from Joe about the beer's creation. Below is the original story for Peaches n' Creme: This particular batch of beer employs 500 pounds of peaches and 150 pounds of lactose for a true peach and crème experience. Each 750ml bottle contains almost 10 ounces of fresh peaches! Peaches are native to Asia and are held in high regard by the Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese. Chinese folklore reveres the peach as being eaten by immortals and as a symbol of long life. The Japanese also have a rich respect for the drupe (stonefruit). I like the story of Momotaro. He is one of Japan’s most famous folktale heroes. The old version of the story tells of an elderly childless woman who discovers a large peach floating down the river as she is washing laundry on the riverbank. She takes the peach home with her and eats some of it. The peach restores her to the beautiful young woman she once used to be. When he husband comes home, he also eats some of the peach and is restored to his youthful figure. Later that evening, the couple makes love and conceives their first child. The woman gives birth to a boy who they named Momotaro (moma meaning peach and taro meaning “eldest son”) who grows up to become a hero and have many adventures. He quests for the island of Ogres to recover a stolen treasure and defeat demons that live there. Throughout his voyage he befriends a talking do, monkey, and pheasant that helped him overtake the mountain fortress and demon ruler Ura. The battle was vicious and violent, but with the help of his friends, Momotaro was able to defeat the demons and Ura. He recovered the stolen treasure and returned it to the rightful owners. The story of Momotaro is one of true peach greatness. I can’t promise you after drinking this beer you will be talking to dogs, monkeys, and birds about recovering stolen treasure and beating up demons. Nor that you will regain a new youthful sexual drive. What I can assure you of is the fact that I pureed a hell of a lot of peaches and fermented them in high gravity light amber colored ale, and softened it with a lot of milk sugar, and it tastes really good on your tongue in your mouth. Enjoy with friends, pets, and the elderly.



Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 390
  • Carbs: 59

Available In

  • 12oz Can
  • 1/2 Keg
  • 1/4 Keg
  • 1/6 Keg
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