Queen Bee

Imperial Amber Ale brewed with MIchigan Star Thistle Honey

Queen Bee is an Imperial Amber Ale full of sweet fruity aromas from the skillful blending of malt, hops, and floral northern Michigan Star Thistle honey. Crystal clear and bright in appearance, this beer is rich and full of flavors of honey and malt, which create a wonderful balance and a flavor reminiscent of hard candy. Generous hop additions add to a perfectly timed dry and warming finish.

  • ABV: 8.00%
  • IBU: 30
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Origin Story

Queen Bee was designed by Tony Hasen as an Imperial Amber Ale brewed with Star Thistle Honey. Featured at the pub only as a new experimental concept brew almost a year ago to this day (Queen Bee went on tap for the first time on 12/18/2013), we have our good friend and past co-worker, Summer Ison, to thank for this wonderfully delicious beer.



Name Origin

Often referred to as the Queen of Box Land, Summer worked at the ER production facility as the lone female employee over there for many years.
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