S.S. Ambition

American India Pale Ale

An India Pale Ale brewed with El Dorado hops to create bold aromas of fresh lemon-lime zest and melon. On the lighter side, and certainly refreshing, sweet fruit flavors combine with notable grassy hop qualities. The bitterness is significant and lingers into the finish, with some tastes of dried apricot

  • ABV: 7%
  • IBU: 87
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Origin Story

The name for the beer comes from a song lyric from one of my all time favorite bands, Bomb the Music Industry that goes “…’cause I’m on the S.S. Ambition to nowhere…” I always liked the idea of a gallant sea-fairing vessel bearing that name, and although it may seem to be going nowhere, S.S. Ambition has certain hopefulness to it. The rest of the song has nothing to do with the beer, but the name stuck with me and got me to thinking about how a certain kind of ambition is required to work around beer. As anyone in our industry will tell you, making beer is not easy work. We wake up early, and work late in to the night. We have the job of glorified janitors, scrubbing, rinsing, working with hazardous chemicals. Whether you’re tossing 50 pound bags of malt, palletizing case boxes, serving a tray of perfectly poured pints, or maybe you have the weight of a growing organization on your shoulders. No matter what your role is here at the brewery, something keeps you coming back for more. Maybe it’s the sense of creating something special from seemingly simple ingredients. For some, it’s the look of satisfaction on someone’s face when they take that first sip. For others, its about the community of the industry, the bonds that they share, and just bringing a smile to another person’s face, if only for a single beer. For me, I just plain love making beer and everything that comes with it. I love the sights and smells of the brewery. Catching a whiff of boiling wort that just had a huge hop addition added. Walking past a tank full of fermenting beer and knowing that there are billions of living organisms inside turning simple ingredients into something amazing. I love being able to take an idea, and turn it in to something that I can hold in my hands. My ambition in life is to create something that I am proud to share with the world, and what better thing to share than a beer? S.S. Ambition was designed to showcase how a select few simple ingredients can be combined to create something more than the sum of their parts. Goldpils Vienna malt makes up the backbone of this beer, bringing a slightly toasted, cracker-like malt character to the table. A small amount of red wheat malt adds a subtle doughy flavor, and brings to the table a good deal of foam-positive proteins. El Dorado hops were used—a fairly uncommon hop grown on one farm in the Yakima Valley of Washington. Added in multiple doses throughout the boil, and as a hearty dry-hop, El-Dorado hops have a distinct lemony aroma and flavor, which in the test batch of this beer created a sensation not unlike drinking a not-too-sweet-nor-tart lemon bar. I hope you all will try a glass, enjoy it in good health, and maybe share it with someone you care about. Cheers! - Sam DeCamp


El Dorado
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