Belgian-style Single brewed with tangerine

Single is a Belgian-style Single brewed with tangerine. Blonde in color with great clarity and a frothy white head this beer has the aromas of a traditional Belgian beer with a hint of citrus. Lighter in body with a high effervescence, there are notes of spice initially before blending into the tangerine, and finishing dry with a touch of bitterness.

  • Pub Brews
  • Belgian Single with tangerine puree and tangerine peel

  • ABV: 5.70%
  • IBU: 39
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Origin Story

This recipe was Ryan Hale's. We had some Trappist yeast and thought a easy drinking Trappist style single would be fun to make. We also had one box of tangerine left and some peel and I thought those flavors would work well with the esters of the yeast. The name is short, simple and to the point! Side note, is that this style of beer is not made very's usually not found outside the monastery and was originally made for the daily rations of the monks, hence the lower ABV then say a Dubbel of Trippel. These beers are also sometimes mixed in or refereed to as Belgian Blondes as well.


Saaz hops

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 165

Name Origin

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