Smoked Apple

Our favorite smoke signal

The aromas are faint, and don’t become more prevalent until the beer warms up a bit, when it does the fragrance is mildly sweet w/ a subtle smokiness. The initial mouthfeel is lively and literally tingles as it coats every surface. Big smokey flavors overwhelm the sweetness of the malt and apples, but as it opens up a balance is achieved forming a more unified transition from one to the other. Equal parts smoke and sweetness linger well into the finish.

  • ABV: 5.00%
  • IBU: 14
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Origin Story

A little history. The original Smoked Apple Ale goes deep into the annals (he he annals) of Short's history. Well before we had this enormous portfolio of beers, there was a time of about a dozen or so, and believe it or not, Smoked Apple was one of the original old school brews. The concept was conceived through some cross utilization, and collaboration w/ another Bellaire merchant. Smoked beers are nothing new, and date back to first century BC. In Germany these were known as Rauchbiers. The smokey flavors were achieved by drying malt over an open flame, as opposed to the more popular kilning methods of today. The smoke from the open flames would come directly in contact w/ the drying malt, where as kilning directs the smoke away from the grain. Joe got the idea that he could easily impart smokey flavors into a beer by taking an ingredient like apples, smoking those directly, and then use them in the final product instead of smoked malt. Having the luxury of a local smokehouse in town only made more sense to put this theory to the test. Long story short, it worked. Not only did it work, it worked really, really well. Almost too well. The smokey flavors in this beer were so monstrous, that it was really limited to a small group of people who actually enjoyed drinking it. Not only did those people enjoy, they loved it. Go figure. The problem was, we were a lot smaller company then, most people still didn't even know we existed. That first batch of smoked apple ale probably lasted about 8-10 months, seriously! Once it was gone, we put that baby to rest for a while. So, w/ any good challenge, one is compelled to keep trying it, until the end result is what the artist was looking for. Smoked Apple Ale part III, by far the best version yet. This is a fun beer for those looking for something really different. It is dynamic and changes significantly from start to finish. As time went on, and our brewing family grew, the conversation of smoked malt eventually came up. Never using it before, it was decided that we would try the new malt out with one of our beers that already had a pretty well know reputation (and some killer label art). Besides, Crut the Destroyer had a buddy w/ a ton of apples left over from that years growing season, so it made even more sense to give it another shot. Hence, the second batch of smoked apple ale was born. As w/ any new experiments, there is a trial and error phase until things are fully dialed in. Never using smoked malt before, the effectiveness of it was unknown to us, but we quickly understood how well it gets the job done. It was decided, that this version of the Smoked Apple Ale would simply be bottled, distributed as a limited small batch, and that would be the end of it. What we didn't account for was the unfamiliarity w/ smoked beers in the general beer consuming population. Trust me, if you have never had one before (at least like this one), it will be quite a shock to the pallet. As the quality concern emails flooded in, Joe eventually had to grab the reins and do an official tasting/sampling, so the mass population could rest assured that we weren't trying to poison them : )



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