Steve French


Steve French is a dry hopped Saison with a burnt orange color and an aroma that packs a Belgian punch. Hazy and pouring with a thick, off-white head, Steve French smells of an enticing mix of bubblegum, spicy phenols, and citrus. The use of a variety of specialty malts gives this Saison an uncharacteristically rich flavor. Traditional notes of banana, clove, and spice are complemented by flavors of biscuit, toasted malt, and caramel. Steve French has a medium body and finishes with a touch of sweetness.

  • ABV: 7.3%
  • IBU: 50
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Origin Story

Tony's recipe. The name comes from The Trailer Park Boys and their pet Mountain Lion which they named "Steve French".


Chinook hops, Simcoe pellets and Simcoe Powder

Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 200

Name Origin

Trailer Park Boys
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