Sticky Icky Icky

Radiantly dank, clear copper-colored American India Pale Ale.

Dive into the dank with Sticky Icky Icky, a resiny and classic American IPA loaded with Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, and Galaxy hops, clocking in at 7.1% ABV. Radiantly clear, copper-colored and full of grapefruit and melon notes, this Short’s fam favorite drinks easy and drinks good.

  • American India Pale Ale

  • ABV: 7.1%
  • IBU: 83
  • ABW: 5.5%
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Origin Story

This new American India Pale Ale is what Ryan Hale, the head brewer at the Bellaire pub, referred to as his quintessential IPA. Ryan combined all of his favorite hops resulting in what he described as “pure juicy goodness”. This beer is loaded with all of the big citrus and fruity flavors American hops can offer.



Nutritional Information

  • Calories: 200
  • Carbs: 16

Name Origin

The Snoop Dog song.

Available In

  • Cans
  • 12oz Can
  • 6 Pack Cans
  • 1/2 Keg
  • 1/4 Keg
  • 1/6 Keg
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