Stroker Ace

Light up the wheels and go for broke!

The use of Citra, Simcoe, and Sorachi Ace hops gives off bright fruity aromas of citrus rind and zest float off of this orange colored ale. Light bodied with low malt sweetness allows for an array of unmistakable lemony flavors that range from the citrus fruit to the essential oils of lemongrass. A proper IPA bitterness resonates in the back of the throat providing a slight lingering bite along with an increasing dryness.

  • ABV: 4.0%
  • IBU: 70
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Origin Story

Stroker Ace is the latest beer from Elk Rapids that was made from the final runnings of a larger "parent" beer created for a limited specialty bottle release. Just like Schnozzleberry Griffen, Mmmkay, Vanilla Porter, and Lil Wheezy, Stroker Ace was brewed using the remaining fermentable wort, that could not fit in the kettle, from a beer that required two times the normal amount of grain. This particular batch was made from the salvaged sugars extracted from each individual mash in from the grain used to brew Aorta Ale. Like most of these final running beers, Stoker offers up a lighter malt based body to manipulate with other ingredients that contribute flavor to beer. For Stroker, the crew figured that it would be nice to have another easy drinking IPA, which probably wont come as a surprise to most of you. The fun twist comes from the particular hops they decided to toss in and showcase through this IPA. Providing the floral fruity hop flavors that have become an expected norm in American IPA's, the guys used the popular Citra and Simcoe hops. However, the third variety they used was Soriachi Ace hops from Japan. These hops also offer fruity contributions, but they tend to be very specific, usually characterized as having lemony flavors. Even though all of these hops were used in fairly equal proportions, the Soriachi Ace flavors seemed to be the dominant hops perceived. Granted the Simcoe and Citra undoubtedly added balance to the overall experience, keeping the Soriachi Ace contributions from becoming overwhelming, the tasting of this beer certainly seems defined by this hop's unique signature flavor profile. As for the name, well I'm going to take credit for that one. Realizing that it had been a while since we named a beer inspired by Ween, the use of the Soriachi Ace hops, easily prompted me to suggest a Ween song titled "Stroker Ace" off of their incredible 8th studio album, White Pepper. What I didn't know was that this same title was used for a Burt Reynolds movie from the 80's where he portrayed a willy stock car driver who always got the girl (pretty typical Burt Reynolds). In addition to all of this, Stroker Ace is also the name for a company (or brand) of bicycle disk breaks! I'm guessing that the song and disc breaks were both inspired by the original machismo movie starring one of the greatest mustached movie stars of all time, but I will let you be the judge. Regardless, this name is even more awesome (if I say so myself) considering the connection to Ween, our recent infatuation with mustaches, and Short's continuous involvement with biking in northern Michigan. The beer is pretty good too...


Soriachi Ace, Citra, Simcoe

Nutritional Information

  • Carbs: 11.3

Name Origin

Stroker Ace is both a Ween song and a Burt Reynolds movie. The name alludes to the use of lemony Sorachi Ace hops.
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