Sweep the Leg Johnny

Sweep the Leg Johnny is a medium-bodied, dark, brown Ale. Predominately sweet, the unique flavors of plum, figs, and brown sugar are evident.

  • ABV: 8.0%
  • IBU: 25
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Origin Story

The Aphasia also has a pretty cool story and a rich history considering is dates back to Tony Hansen's early days at Short's. Right around the time when Tony started working at Short's he quickly began to realize that it was highly unlikely he would ever need to home brew a batch of beer again. Not only did he assume the roll of head brewer when Joe had to pass the torch in order to manage many other aspects of the company, but the fact that creativity was so strongly encouraged at Short's, why would he need to experiment at home when he could do it on a much larger scale at work? Therefore, Tony had some house cleaning to do and coming to this realization meant using up all of the home brew supplies he has laying around. So this was it, the last home brew Tony would ever create, affectionately referred to as the "trash bag" beer. Taking all of the remaining malt he had left, Tony designed a beer that closely resembled an Old Ale. It's amazing how sometimes necessity can spur great things and this instance is no exception, the beer turned out to be pretty good. Old Ales are medium to full bodied with a noticeable malty sweetness and can range in alcohol intensities. A distinctive quality of these ales is that they undergo an aging process (often for years) in bulk storage or through conditioning in the bottle, which contributes to a rich, wine-like and often sweet oxidation character. Complex wood aged characters such as vanilla and other woody characteristics can also be prevalent, so when Tony decided to not only reincarnate his ceremonial last home brew by brewing it again in Bellaire, it was a natural fit. Enjoy this uniquely inspired creation and just to be on the safe side, when serving it to customers, we probably shouldn't refer to it as the "trash bag" beer. Bourbon Aphasia Description: A medium bodied dark brown ale with an enormous nose of bourbon and alcohol. Predominately sweet, unique flavors of plum, figs, and brown sugar are perceivable. Toasted malt qualities are complimented by oaky wood flavors imparted from an extensive barrel aging process, aiding in a warming finish. Related Beers: Bourbon Evil Urges, Aphasia, Bourbon Huma, OG-1, FG-1.


US Golding, Cascade

Nutritional Information

  • Carbs: 29.1
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