Yer My Boy Blue

A blueberry Milk Stout bred with tart blueberries and creamy milk sugar

A sweet blueberry milk stout made with 8 different malt varieties, a heap of real blueberries, and milk sugar. The intriguing fruit-filled aroma leads perfectly into the zippy, tart blueberry flavor, followed by the smoothness of roast mixed with delicate cream. A slight, dry bitterness resides in the finish thanks to the dark specialty grains.

  • ABV: 7.5%
  • IBU: 47
  • ABW: 0%
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Origin Story

From Mary Jo Wortinger: "Everyone knows how much I like my stouts, so I try them when ever and where ever I can. I also LOVE blueberries, so when I came across a blueberry stout from Dark Horse I had to try it. I loved it. Considering that Aaron (Elk Rapids Brewer) had already experienced some great success with creating and brewing his own beers, like the Rye Not, I thought "hmmmm, I will have him brew me a blueberry stout and it will be better than Dark Horse, and then I can get it whenever I want". :) After bugging him for about a year, we finally home brewed it. I even helped by adding some of the ingredients - I don't know exactly what I added, but it was something and that's all that matters. Needless to say, the beer turned out well, but it wasn't quite all that I was looking for. I wanted more blueberry flavor and a creamier taste. Aaron, being the patient saint that he is, went back to the drawing board, doubling up the "bloobs" and decided to add some lactose (aka milk sugar). Boom, done, it was PERFECT! He talked to Tony, who mentioned he was looking for some new stouts, so Aaron was able to get it added to the revamped stout line up for this fall. Ryan brewed it in Bellaire and did an amazing job! The only thing left was to name it. They had a name kinda picked for it, Blueberry Jody, named after Kody, cause I guess he wears a pair of blue pants that make him look like a blueberry. That was cute and all, but again, not exactly what I was looking for. One morning while working at the pub, I approached my fellow pubtenders and I told them it was crunch time, we had to think of a really good name or I would be stuck with the current selection.


US Golding

Name Origin

Blueberry - Play off from "Old School" Erin Kuethe, who happened to be working that day, just said out of no where "Yer My Boy Blue"! We all looked around at each other and I shouted "that's perfect", so I ran back to the office to email Tony, with the hope that I could per-sway him to use this name instead. He said he liked the name a lot, but would put it to a vote. It was scary, but it turned out that "Yer My Boy, Blue" won. I was super happy!"
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