2014 Short’s Beer Schedule

Today, we announced the 2014 Short’s Beer Schedule! Amid the excitement, you may notice changes to flagships, seasonal beers, and specialties. Here’s an explanation of all that’s happening in 2014.

2014 will bring about a reduction of the number of flagship brews offered year-round from five to four in order to make room in our packaging schedule for more seasonal/specialty beers than ever. Also, we’ve heard fan feedback and we’re very happy to be introducing Local’s Light as a flagship for the first time in 2014!

Seasonal Offerings
We at Short’s are especially excited for the seasons of 2014. Our seasonal beer program will be growing to twice its current size! Reminiscent of our current seasonal program, we’ll be releasing Good Humans (Nov ’13-Jan ’14), ControversiALE (Feb-May), Nicie Spicie (May-Aug), Autumn Ale (Sept-Oct), and a stout that’s yet to be determined (Nov-Dec). Additionally, we’re having a rotating pale ale selection that will include Chatterbox (Jan-Mar), Yosemite Scooter (Apr-Jun), Pandemonium Pale Ale (Jul-Sep), and Bonafide Legit (Oct-Dec). The changing of the seasons will mean more than weather in 2014!

Specialty Beers
As you’ve come to expect, Short’s will be putting out more specialty beers throughout the year than pretty much any other brewery anywhere. In 2014, that will mean 28 scheduled beer plus one more decided by YOU, the fantastic Short’s fans! Starting Monday, September 30th, voting will begin for what will be the 29th specialty brew put out in 2014. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook for more details!

Variety Packs
We’ll continue putting out the most creative variety packs we can conjure throughout 2014. More announcements to come!