Alien Einstein back in the Short’s-i-verse

For the second time ever, Alien Einstein, our crafted to remove gluten India Style Pale Lager, is joining us back in the Short’s-i-verse!

Originally developed to satisfy the thirst of our friends with gluten intolerant conditions and seeking genuine Short’s brews, we’ve added an extra special enzyme to this India Style Pale Lager. This enzyme breaks down gluten to a point where it is indistinguishable – making this brew safe for those with gluten intolerance to enjoy!

Alien Einstein (5.5% ABV – 75 IBU) is a light bodied India Style Pale Lager with a dull golden color and an inviting aroma of tangy grapefruit juice. A bright burst of fruity and earthy hop flavors immediately hits the palate. This beer exemplifies the well-rounded versatility of the American Mosaic hops used exclusively in this beer.

So if beer, breads, and pastas upset your belly, or if you have an affinity for India Style Pale Lagers, or if you just love alien inspired brews, give Alien Einstein a taste! Now available in limited quantities on tap and in bottles throughout Michigan.