Three Cheers for 13 Years and Anni Ale 13irteen

We’re thirteen years old (cue birthday music and dancing pint glasses here)! And to celebrate officially reaching teenager status, we brewed up a brand new American Sour Ale in honor of our thirteenth anniversary. Tart, sour, and just a little bit sassy, Anni Ale 13irteen is headed to store shelves this week.

Anni Ale 13irteen (8.7% ABV – 30 IBU – TA 10.6 g/L) is a dry hopped American Sour Ale with black currants. Deep ruby red in color, this American Sour Ale has aromas of tart fruit and citrus. An initial sour flavor (that’s guaranteed to satisfy any Sour beer fan) is followed by notes of dark berry. Flavors of tart black currant coat the palate before a finish that is very dry with just a touch of citrus and a slight bitterness.

Anni Party 13irteen might be in the books, but we’re just not ready for the celebration to end! This year, we’re spreading the birthday vibes far and wide with Anni Ale 13irteen bottles and kegs shipping to states throughout our Great Lakes distribution footprint (MI, PA, OH, IN, IL, & WI) this week. The first release in our Salvacious Planemo Sour Series, Anni Ale 13irteen will be available for a limited time only, with Exeter and additional TBA releases to follow. Stay tuned to our website and social media channels for the most updated #SBCPlanemo release info.

So three cheers (and three beers) for thirteen years. Wherever you’re drinking, pop open a bottle of Anni Ale 13irteen and take a moment to celebrate with us, today!