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Our latest specialty release, A Tribe Called Zest is bursting with citrusy, dank aromas. This Experimental Double IPA clocks in at 9.9% ABV and will keep you bouncin’ until the end of summer. Look for A Tribe Called Zest to hit shelves in Michigan this week!

A Tribe Called Zest is an Experimental American Double IPA with lemon, Seville Orange, grapefruit, lime, and tangerine zest. Slightly hazy and burnt orange in color, A Tribe Called Zest pours with a fluffy white head. This beer smells and has flavors of citrus zest and dank, fruity hops. Balanced with a full malt backbone, A Tribe Called Zest has a medium body and a resinous mouth-feel.

Flavor Profile
Aroma – Citrusy and dank
Malt – Sweet
Hops – Citrusy
Balance – Dank with a full malt backbone
Body – Medium

ABV – 9.9%
Bitterness – 80

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